WinServer 2000 can't see Hard Drives (asus mobo)

So last night I built the machine and then spent 3 hours trying to get the OS to see the hard drives. I have them configured as RAID in the BIOS. I have them set as mirrored on the raid config.

When loading the OS I load the driver from the disk, I've tried both versions of the driver with no success.

ASUS PSB Deluxe mobo
Intel E6700 cpu
2 - 500 GB SATA drives.

Any ideas what I need to do to make Windows Server 2000 see the raid array?

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  1. For those who may hve this same problem, there is 2 different driver mfgs involved. If your just using SATA drives, then you need to use the Intel drivers even though the config is a totally different company. What waste of time... but it lives now! And thanks to all that had helped with my hardware selection.

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