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Hello, I am putting together a new system which I will be purchasing a few days from now. I pretty much have everything I want put together except that I am having the toughest time deciding on a case based on cooling for my system after upgrades.

The only reason I haven't ordered 75% of my components yet, is because the R600 benchmarks in the most demanding games and apps aren't available yet. I have read that the NDA is lifted 12PM EST 05-02-07

The following is every bit of my current system specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Processor
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard with newest Bios 2004
ATI 1950XTX Radeon "Powered by ATI" no specific brand
2GB of Corsair 5400C4 RAM with 4-4-4-12 Timings
Creative Labs XFI Extreme Music Audio Card
Klipsch 5.1 Pro Gamer Surround Sound System
BFG Technologies 650 Watt Power Supply ATX 12v/2.0/EPS 12v w/ Dual 12v Rails and protection circuitry.
1x 150GB Western Digital Raptor and 1x 400GB Seagate Barracuda
Saitek X45 Combat Flight System (Rocker switch, X-52 doesn't have it)
Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard
Logitech G7 2000DPI Rechargable battery packs laser mouse

Here is what I am upgrading to:

BFG Technologies 8800GTX Watercooled if I go with an LCS case
E-VGA 8800GTX if my case is air cooled.
E-VGA i680 SLI motherboard.

Can someone please recommend a case that would go good with my hardware while being easy to work with. I plan on overclocking my E6600 after my new stuff arrives. Currently its at default settings.

Under consideration:
Thermaltake Armor Air Cooled w/ 25cm Side Fan (Black)
Thermaltake Kandalf Air Cooled w/ 25cm Side Fan (Black)
Thermaltake Armor LCS System (Black)
Thermaltake Kandalf LCS System (Black)

Thermaltake LCS with 25cm side panel (Black)? good or bad

These are just a few of the cases and lcs systems I have read about, but I would like to know what many people prefer to use.

I wanna make sure I build a very good one with excellent cooling and great components.

Why I have never tried LCS before:
My main concern with LCS is a line splitting or leaking and it frying all of my components.

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  1. I have the Stacker 2 832 and love it, the sides are a little hard to get on and off and it's a little pricey but it's huge and almost completely tool-less so working in it is a breeze. Lastly the case is designed as a big screen with plenty of spots for fans so airflow is amazing.
  2. Also another thing about the Stacker is due to it's size cable management is easy, I was able to get all my cables tucked away so airflow is very good.
  3. If you get a case like this :-
    then you would be able to keep an eye on the LCS in case of leaks :wink:
  4. For cooling...Antec Nine Hundred all the way.
  5. Quote:
    For cooling...Antec Nine Hundred all the way.

    Or the Antec P180B
  6. I've just gone through a similar process of choosing a case for my backup system, and almost went with the Thermaltake Armour. The only thing that put me off (apart from the availability - didn't want to wait) was the HDD cage next to the PSU. I wasn't sure if it could be removed and felt that it would restrict airflow to the PSU. Saying that, it looks like an excellent case.

    I currently have a CoolerMaster Stacker STC-T01 for my main PC, which is a superb case. Lots of space and excellent ventilation (especially with the Cross-flow fan installed and extra 120mm intake fans at the front of the case). I can highly recommend this case. The other Stackers are pretty similar and also excellent, but I'm personally not keen on the door at the front (and they are a tad more expensive). I also like my side window, which is an option on the STC-T01, but not sure about the other models.

    After much research, I eventually decided on a Silverstone TJ07 (which I will use for the main PC, and use the Coolermaster as backup). It's still in transit, so I can't really comment in detail on it at this time. The reviews I found were very positive, and I love the layout. Saying that, it is pricey, so if you're restricted by budget then this maybe is not a good choice.

    My friend recently bought an Antec Nine Hundred, and I was impressed by that also. A bit small for my tastes, but excellent ventillation.
  7. This one definately caught my attention

  8. I have the Silverstone TJ09 and I love it nice design sharp looking and with my Silverstone FM121 fans it has massive airflow. My case temps are awesome with an 8800GTX OC'd and an E6600 at 3.5 with a Tuniq Tower. The only drawback for me is the case is a med tower although on the large side for that an internal WC solution would be near impossible or at the very least not easy. Although they do have holes predrilled for an external system. It's nice though check it out if you like.
  9. Silverstone Tj-03

    VERY good case

    Falcon-Northwest uses it
  10. I may be a little biased, but I love my ThermalTake Armor case. Lots of room to work, cools very well while doing it quietly. You can remove the rear HDD cage (why they put that in from of where PSU fan needs to draw air, I have no idea. Very stupid, but at least you can remove it).

    Many people have said nice things about the Antec 900, but it's noisy and it's a mid-tower. I prefer full towers for the room to work.
  11. I am biased..., look into the Lian Li V1XXX series.

    I have had steel cases, Aluminum/plastic cases and Lian Li puts them all to shame. They are extremely well made 100% aluminum, exacting tolerences and high cooling design. The HD and PSU are separated from the mobo and drives.

    they are pricey but you get what you pay for.
  12. If you are concerned with LCS or at least pre-drilled holes for LCS being integral with the case then Here is another great case. Should have plenty of space, good cooling and holes for LCS with grommets to protect the hosing. A nice mix between a upclass case and a little bling along with it imo.

    Just tossing that out there as I personally don't care for just about all of the designs of the cases you mentioned and this one looks like it would satisfy your requirements as well as any of those.

    Good luck with whatever you choose :)
  13. Thank you for all of the info and suggestions.

    I decided to go with a Stacker 832 with the following setup
    -I picked the 832 over the 830 because of the better looking front door
    -4 in 3 drive module + cross flow fan + all case fans
    -To fill all of the available fan slots how many 120mm do I need and how many 140mm do I need?

    -120mm fans are TLF-S12-EB Cooler Master Silent 120mm Neon LED Fan Sleeved - Blue
    - 140mm Fans are

    2 are already installed in the case so that leaves 3x 120mm + 4x140mm
    is this correct?

    Does anyone have a airflow chart of how the exhaust and airflow of all nine fans working together should be? This would be great help.

    I want to maximize my case so that I'll already have it done when I upgrade next time.
  14. thats a stacker anyway
  15. 832 is a good case and i hope you enjoy it,i own the 831 (which is the same with other looks) but if you have big CPU cooler you`ll find it hard to fit the sidefan panel with the 4 fans.
  16. cooler marster make dam good case build quality wise i have a cooler marster 'wave marster' and it build quality is great, and cooling is sound, that nVidia modded stacker look mean as hell, i gonna get one and modd it like that. nice pic
  17. All the fans in the 832 are 120mm. It comes with one LED fan installed in front and one non-LED installed in back. There are spots for 5 other fans one on top and 4 on side but if you use the crossflow fan only two other side fans are useable. You also have the option of purchasing another 4 in 3 drive bay and mounting another front fan.
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