Windows wont recognize ram?

So I just to together my new PC last night and started it up without much trouble thankfully. I go into bios and start messing around. First thing it tells me is that i need to reset my Memory frequency or my CPU Cmos setting (which I do not know how)...any ideas? Then it tells me it will run in safe mode but it does not feel like it...

Second thing is that bios recognizes the 4GB of ram but when I right click on My computer and go to properties it labels it at 3GB...any ideas on that one as well? wont recognize my full HDD. It says I have 127 when I really have I need to use partition magic on it to fix it maybe?

Set up:

Asus P5nSLI Mobo
Nvidia Gforce 8800GTX 768
Intel Pentium E6600 2.4Ghz
PQI Turbo Memory DDR 2- 4 1GB sticks

Thanks guys =D

Oh, windows XP SP2
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  1. xp sp2 only recognized upto 3Gb of ram but I'm told your pc/programs still uses the 4th GB.

    If you want over 4GB of ram then you need a 64bit OS.

    as for our hdd trying looking here:
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