3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 54 Mbps 11g Firewall good

is 3Com® OfficeConnect® ADSL Wireless 54 Mbps 11g Firewall Router
agood router and its value
and i need arouter like it around 65 $
or more alittle is it have switch or not
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  1. In my experience, 3c makes a good product, both SOHO and enterprise level. They also stand behind their enterprise products (never had a SOHO type product fail, so I can't say there). I've had fans go after like 10 years, and 3c replaces the switch or hub without any hassles!

    If you have a 3c part number or model, you can hit their site and see if it meets your switching and other needs.

    I should say, in the last five years or so, I have steered more towards other brands on new purchases, so my experience there is not real fresh. My move to other brands had nothing to do with 3c quality or service.
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