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I just got my system, and need the latest, greatest, most stablest? drivers for my XFX 8800 GTS 320 OCed GPU. I also would love someone to show me some cooling options for it, other than case fans.
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  1. the latest drivers are on nvidia's web-site :?

    Nvidia drivers
  2. thanks alot, anyone with any special cooling insight for me?
  3. no problem, what are you temps? if you don't mind a little more noise, try setting your fan to fixed 100% rpm, it helped me a lot, my 8800gts temps went down by cool 10C on idle 8)
  4. for the gpu, how do I monitor the temps, is there a specific program? and of course, how do i set the fan to 100% for the GPU
  5. to set fan to 100% i use rivatuner, ntune will also work. for temp monitoring you can use ntune as well, I use everest ultimate.
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