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i would like to know how i can use the windows xp code key that is on my toshiba laptop with out having the windows xp oem disk that came with the laptop... i have another copy of windows xp and the key that came with it but i want to use the key that is on the laptop.. Thanks
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  1. What are you trying to do exactly? Are you planning on using the Toshiba XP Key on another computer?

  2. no i want to use the toshiba key on the toshiba.. I would like to know what i can do to use the key that is on the pc with out having the os that would have came with it.
  3. As long as your XP CD matches the XP Key (ie: XP Home OEM), you can use them together.

  4. Quote:
    As long as your XP CD matches the XP Key (ie: XP Home OEM), you can use them together.

    It's not quite as simple as that for XP Home. There is XP Home OEM (the kind you'd get from New Egg) and then there's XP Home OEM huge-pc-manufacturer-version (check it out even the product keys on said computers have the manufacturer's name - HP, Sony, etc). Your HP/Sony/Toshiba Home product key won't work with regular Home OEM; this is also true for XP MCE 2005 but not for XP Pro. My work laptop has XP Pro and I was able to use a generic OEM disc to reinstall Windows using the product key on the laptop.

    This doesn't work with Home or MCE. My guess is that the huge OEMs get a special version of Home and MCE because they ship so many of them; while they just use or modify regular versions of Pro OEM. The best course of action would be to try to find someone who has an HP/Sony/Toshiba OEM OS install disc (not a restore disc) and make a copy of it. A buddy of mine bought an HP laptop and it came with an MCE 2005 install disc in addition to the restore disc; I quickly "borrowed" it from him and I have been able to use it to reinstall MCE 2005 on HPs and Sonys (haven't tried on anything else) using the product key on the computer.
  5. Not true. I've used generic XP Home CD's with Major Manufacturer's XP Home CD keys and not had a problem except for having to activate by phone.

  6. Interesting, I haven't had any success; it would refuse to take the serial number. Same with MCE 2005 OEM.
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