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I have a question since I am just starting to check into POE. I was looking at DLink DWL-P200 Injector and Inverter I think it is in one. My question is do I need a switch that has a POE port on it to connect to the injector for it to work or can I just use a regular switch port? I have seen two different kinds of POE devices so this is why im wondering. Pretty much how does it work and what do I need is what im really asking.

What I am trying to do is link another network segment in my house (Bedroom) I have a WDS implementation in the house right now linking two segments but pretty much looking for a faster/cheaper way out compared to buying another AP and fighting with the PTPMP setup that is involved.

Thanks for ANYONES help with this. :lol:
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  1. Hi Mikey,

    Nope you would not need to buy a POE switch. Thats the beauty of the injectors is that they allow you to connect your cat5 cable from the switch to the injector (the injector will come with its own power adapter) and then connect a cat5 cable from the injector to the device that will receive the power.

    Let me know how it goes.

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