Major problems with Koolance's new $500 water cooled PSU

Has anyone had issues with the mounting posts with koolance psu-1200atx-12s.

We had 3 posts snap with VERY LITTLE torque applied!


Requesting: Product Questions
Name: Russ Rothrock
Company: Warpedsystems
Phone: 219-226-9906
Remarks: phone update - rev 1 Your inquiry has been sent. If applicable, you may expect a response between 24-48 hours. (Koolance Homepage) Requesting: Product Questions Name: Russ XXXXXXXX Company: Warpedsystems Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Remarks: PSU-1200ATX-112S - defective attachment drive and radiator retaining posts. As you know at koolance, mike shackelford has requested a RMA for his power supply. We are the people (warpedsystems) that are building his system. This psu is defective and appears to me improperly engineered. Issue 1) incompatibility with the Lian Li case - when tightening the post in the upper left the rear psu attachment plate is crushed. As the post is tightened it begins to angel and when snug it is no longer perpendicular to case but at 15-20 degree angle. I tried to bend this post and it snapped off. Issue 2) koolance provides 2 sets of posts - we used a washer to try to keep the u shaped hole for the upper left mounting post from crushing the second time. The result was two additional posts snapping, with very little torque - far less then torque then needed to assure the post would not be loose when shipping. We know have 3 posts that have snapped with little torque applied. Issue 3) when we receive the psu the posts were very loose - i am sure this is not good. considering that the radiator will bounce up and down in shipping. WarpedSystems does no feel that psu is safe too use - the mounting system is defective. The psu is incompatible with your own Lian Li cases. Note: this is the second koolance system that we built for mike - i enclosed a photo of the first: Please issue mike a refund - asap so we can get his system build - koolance should study these post failures i feel you have a major engineering problem. These post are not properly heat treated or they are not machines from forged alloy as they need to be. I would also add, I have a material engineering degree from the U of I (metallurgy and steel background). Note 1: In my opinion, these posts are clearly a hazard and improperly designed. Note 2: the first thing bob told me when i spoke to him was the post are only for holding on the radiator - page 5 (psu instruction manual) clearly shows the posts as the mounting device (attachment screws) and there is no other mention of using any other screws (no additional screws are supplied with the psu either). To mount the psu firmly as is required for shipping, the posts must be lightly tightened. Thank you Russ XXXXXXXX Wapredsystems - please respond to this email asap - i would appreciate it today or in 24 hours at the latest.
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  1. Good point eagle!~ as always!
    That PSU is the worst idea to hit the PSU market. Why would you risk a quality system on a mediocre PSU that also brings the chance of dumping your entire reservoir all over your system?

    Not a good idea.

    The customer insisted after i recommended against using this pus - after getting it i found out this:

    1) low quality cables and short - on a $500 psu - unreal! pci-x is so short that you have to run it strait to video card with a koolance case - poor engineering.
    2) the placement of the refill cap requires the psu be removed to refill - or in the case of a normal case tilted on its side and pured in a very poor location.
    Also its low and half hidden below a plastic rail
    3) its big! i mean large!

    4) the system would have been much better if you could connect the hoses to a bracket and run the water back in the main cooler instead of a radiator hanging off the back.

    5) not enough sata cables - you got a 12 bay koolance case this is their top of the line psu and u get 4-6 sata's

    finally this issue with low quality mounting posts! what a mess!

    with the lian li case, the psu is well supported on the bottom - a very large platform below and a lip above locks it in place. But this is not the case (pun) with a normal case this monster is heavy and expect those posts to snap with time due to fatigue. very poor engineering - and i am a big koolance fan.

    i have a koolance avatar!
  2. wow eagle you got me - is not called a pci-x cable its for the graphics card? i am too lazy too look it up!

    the 6 pin cable used for the graphics card is so short you have to route it strait from the psu to the graphics card - u can not run it behind the case or even bundle it with the mobo atx - terrible!
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