Is Vista supposed to be powering down HDD's?

I just installed Vista Ultimate today and noticed that when im just sitting next to my computer... doing work on my MacBook Pro... I hear the distinct (and loud) sound of a HDD powering down... then silence...

but system stability isn't compromised... and once i click on the inactive HDD it turns back on...

its supposed to do that... right?

On another note... *** that HD is loud lol
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  1. Vista uses the power management features allowed by the BIOS on the properties of the device. If you turn it off in BIOS and on the properties of the device, it won't do it anymore.
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    It's a power management feature. Go to Control Panel\System and Maintenance\Power Options, and whichever plan your on, click 'Change Plan Settings'.

    Click 'Change Advanced Power Settings', expand the 'Hard Disk' section and you'll see the timer for inactive drives - Set this to the desired time and that's it. You won't need to change anything in the BIOS.
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