680i HELP! (Will not make post)!

Ok, start off 3 days ago, my computer mysteriously locked up about 10 minutes after entry into XP.

Then, I boot 2 days ago and at post, the computer would NOT pick up either of my SATA hard drives. It eventually did find them after about an hour of boot attempts.

Then I get into XP and the onboard LAN will not work what so ever, but my laptop and x360 have no problems connecting.

Now today, I press power on my machine and I get about one second of continuous and rapid beeps, then absolutely nothing. No post, my monitor doesn't even awake to show anysort of error.

I dont know what to do. I have treated this machine like gold since I got it 2 months ago. I've been afraid to even leave it on all night.

In case you guys need spec to diagnose me:
EVGA nvidia 680i mobo
EVGA 8800320mb
2 gigs ocz xtc rev.2
320gb barricuda
34gb WD raptor
e6400 proc
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  1. If you have the eVGA 122-CK-NF68 motherboard, you should have a two digit LED display in the lower front corner beside the CMOS battery. Appendix A in the User's Manual lists all the POST codes.
  2. Ok, I see. Thanks.

    However, it cycles through a bunch of them before finally settling on "FF".The beginning of the beep occurs just as "26" is on for longer than usual.

    [PS] just as I booted up to confirm the number 26 is what causes the hang, boom, it booted perfectly. This is just super weird. I am going to read that manual closely and try to fix this, then i'll get back to you.

    Thanks for your help
  3. I looked more closely at my BOOT process and mine does pretty much the same thing:

    The numbers start cycling up, I get a short pause at C1 and C3 (memory checks and initialization), a single BEEP at 26 (clock initialization), and the numbers go to 7F. I don't have a floppy drive installed and the BIOS is looking for one. (I do this to pause the boot process.) "Press F1 to continue". And the numbers go to FF (sucessful boot).

    If you have intermittent boot problems, I'd suggest checking all of the connections to the motherboard except the CPU socket. These new sockets make me nervous.
  4. While I am thinking about this ... Have you tried changing out the PSU?
  5. No I have not. It is a 700w though, so I don't think my comp is underpowered. Unless you are suggesting it is defective somehow.

    I just woke up, and the computer booted into XP perfectly. Yet, the LAN still does not work. This is driving me insane. I am using the exact same internet connection to connect my laptop as I am my PC, so it should be working.
  6. Make sure the onboard Lan is enabled in the Bios.
    Make sure the cable is okay and test it if you have the software or the Bios testing option. You could try hooking another computer to that same cable otherwise.
    Anyway PCI Lan cards are pretty cheap today.
  7. I had this issue with a 700watt psu from ebuyer, sent it back and got a Hiper 580 and now my pc is fine, what psu is it you have?
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