How I can recover my formatted data from my drive, if its encrypted us

I have drive on my hard disc (f:) contains my important data, and I encrypted it using bitlocker program which comes with windows 7 , accidently the drive had been formatted and the drive was locked (data is encrypted), I tried to recover the data using some recovery software but it's not Working because the data is encrypted and the SW can't see the data , please any one can help or advise to solve that disaster , I lose very much important data and I don’t have backup .

Note: I have the password and the recovery key that decrypt the drive but I don't know how to use it because the drive after format back to its normal condition (bitlocker set off)

Abed Alkareem A. Alnatsheh
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  1. That doesn't make sense to me. If the drive was formatted then it's empty, there shouldn't be anything on it (the hard drive/partition) any more.
  2. Dear Mr. JerRevo

    yes the partition is empty , but still exist, in other way the partion was encrypted with bitlocker software in win 7 and it was contains data , then i pressed right click on the drive F and choose format then the data was erased but the partition still there but it is empty and the drive back to its original condition (before i encrypted it in the first time )
  3. Dear Ryan456

    thank you for concern

    I am agree with you that i can recover the lost data using recovery software , but the core of my problem is when the Data formatted the drive was encrypted
    so i used many recovery software but i got no results because the data is encrypted and the software cant locate it , I must decrypt the drive first then i should try recover the data , the problem is i didn't find any way or method to decrypt my drive , i tryed bitlooker toolkit win7 but no have no results.
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