Any idea what mobos support AM2 Opterons?

I am building a new system and passing my Opteron 180 rig on to my nephew. I would like to use another Opteron as I have come to like them quite a lot. Problem is I can't find a motherboard that claims to support them except one Gigabyte board that supports the 1210. I would like to use a 1218 if possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Did a power search on newegg for the Opteron and limited search to AM2 mobo and looks like it will fit an AM2 board.. Obviously after you narrow down the mobo you're interested in you'll have to confirm it will work. Have you contacted AMD?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll try a power search at Newegg. I'll also, try AMD, but they will probably send me to the mobo manufacturers. Thanks again for the reply.
  3. While it's been a while since I checked, I believe AMD has a list of tested mobo for there various CPUs but the list is by no means complete. If you're in the US, newegg is not only a great place to buy but once you get the Power Search done, good for research
  4. I tried the power search over at Newegg. No dice. opteron isn't a choice so it's useless. I use as well as and once in awhile Tiger Direct. I try to avoid Tiger as there service and support suck..... HARD. I'm off to AMD. Thanks again for the heads up.

    Edit: just finished at AMD. Their tool to find compatible motherboards is very incomplete. I tried looking for a mobo for the Opteron 180 I have now and the Gigabyte board I am using with it is not listed. Even Gigabytes own site only lists my board with a 175 tops. I didn't know this when I ordered the CPU. I tried it for shits and giggles and damned if it didn't work. I just don't want to try this again. Don't want to push my luck! Thanks again. Anyone else?
  5. On newegg I clicked on Processors AMD, then clicked on Opteron, then Power Search. Under Power Search I checked Opteron under Series and AM2 under CPU Socket Type and it brought up a number of Opteron processors and the 1218 you mentioned is on the list. Presuming the newegg search is valid, then it would seem that the 1218 will fit on an AM2 board. If you Power Search AMD Motherboards Opteron is not an option to limit the search. Kind of an a$$ backwards way of doing it. To search by mobo you have to go to Server Motherboards

    I think the problem is that the Opteron is classified as a Server CPU. When you do the Server MOBO search AM2 boards come up. I guess the big questions is will the Opteron work on any AM2 mobo or only those classified as server mobo?

    If you haven't already bought the CPU, life would be easier if you just went with either the AM2 or a C2D Intel. If you haven't done so, check out the CPU Performance Chart. Given AMD prices, depending on what you're planning on doing, AMD is likely less expensive for similar performance to an Intel
  6. You've only got a few options fopr mobo support of the Opteron 1218. It used to be with the Skt939 Opty's (100 series) that they were compatible with any Skt939 mobo that also supported the FX line. With the 1000 series Skt F it *should* still be the same way, but don't quote me on that...

    Believe it or not, the AMD website has a "Develop With AMD" section that lists recommended motherboards.

    No matter tho, according to the AMD website, for a decent gaming/workstation mobo, you've got a choice of the Supermicro H8SMI-2 or the H8SMA-2, the Tyan S2925, or the Asus M2N-LR. Out of those choices, I recommend the Supermicro H8SMA-2, as it looks to be a pretty nice peice of pcb.

    Good luck!
  7. here, AM2 socket motherboard will support AM2 Cpu like X2s, Optys, and Brisbanes, Semprons.... etc

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  8. Thanks for the help folks. I suspected that the AM2 Opterons would work in most AM2 mobo's just didn't want to risk it. I really don't want to use a server board. I'll prolly go with that Gigabyte. I just built a low end gaming rig for a friend on a budget on that same board and was impressed. You would think that the mobo makers would want to have a complete list of supported models for each board as that would likely help sales. But judging by the quality of 99% of their manuals, I am not surprised! Thanks again. :D
  9. I think u misunderstood my point, all normal AM2 board can support Opty AM2, they just aren't listed.

    There are ALOT of AM2 board out there, and they all support Opty socket AM2. You don't have to pick the one I have. Mine, Gigabyte G55Sli-S4, isn't capable of overclocking that high, which kills the purpose of an Opty, a known stable overclocker. My board has heat issue due to no fan on the Northbridge and thick thermal compound, which I replaced the thermal compound.

    Do you overclock?
  10. I haven't OCed in years and I did get your point. I just thought I might use this board as I have built with it before and liked the board. Actually I tend to like Gigabyte boards as a whole. Never been burned with one. I may try to OC, who knows. I just cringe at the thought of frying expensive hardware to gain very small end results. Granted some of the OC numbers are impressive, I just have seen little "real world" benefit. Seems more like bragging rights to me.

    As for all AM2 boards supporting Opteron, does this mean ALL Opterons? When I look at the CPU charts for mobos, they list only some models for certain BIOS levels.
  11. no, only socket AM2 Opterons, other Opteron wont fit the socket :o
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