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Im having trouble setting up my Raid on my asus P5W D 975 after following the first steps it says during post hit CTL+I for intel matrix manager but it wount come up. Any one know? I already set up raid in bios.
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  1. Just a thought, but are you using a PS2 or USB keyboard.

    I've noticed that, whilst BIOS will recognise a USB keyboard, the WinXP installation doesn't. Maybe a similar problem with the Intel matrix manager.
  2. Im using a wireless keyboard that plugs into the ps2 port. My Mobo also beeps once during post. Its reading my CD-rom drive and my keyboard works in bios. What is refresh time error? Or maybe my keyboard dosnt work 100%?

    Does it have somthing to do with the Jumper on my Mobo anyone with a 975 know the deal?
  3. Well fixed the problem I had my HDD in the wrong SATA ports. It was my first build so im a complete noob what a learning experience.
  4. Hey, I was just reading this post.
    Wanted to say thank you for posting back. It's great to get feedback after a problem, just so we know what happened and what fixed the issue! Does not happen often enough and many times I am wondering after skimming posts exaclty what the outcome was.
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