How to recover files lost after a SYSTEM RESTORE in XP?

A friend with XP Home used the SYSTEM RESTORE function to restore a slow operating system. In the process the friend lost all her Outlook emails and her My Docs folder. What is the best way ( if there is a way) to recover those files lost when she performed the Restore function?

Thank you.
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  1. with a system restore the files are gone. A System Restore will restore the hard drive just the way it came from the factory. This erases all the programs, emails, and documents that she had installed or anything she had saved.
  2. normally you should be able to restore back to where you came from, is that point not there?
  3. Now if there are two types of system restore. System Restore function in XP can revert back to a time before the error and keep all the files saved. Another system restore reverts back to the first day that computer was used. In which it will erase everything. I think you and your friend got your System Restores mixed up.
  4. lol there is only one function in xp for restore so I'm sure I got nothing messed up, the mixup seems to be on your side ;) :D
  5. System restore is what is in Windows. System RECOVERY is the one that wipes it out to day one. If you did the Recovery your pretty much SOL. If you did a System restore its not supost to effect any of your personal files. Sounds like you did a System Recovery.
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