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I've got an old ATI TV Wonder Pro, and I'm running Windows Vista (business edition, so no media center stuff). Currently I'm using ATI's MMC Software (version 9.06), which works ok for the most part, except it doesn't like to record audio, and the audio and video get out of sync some times.

I'm wondering if anyone has found any good (and preferably free) software for watching TV. I'm not looking for full scale HTPC software, more like something lightweight that I can use while surfing the web or something.

All I really want to do is watch and record TV (with synchronized audio), and optional TV-on-demand would be cool (unlike the newer versions of MMC, which don't give you an option, and it makes the video looks like crap).

Another thing I would like to be able to do is stream video from my tuner card on to my network, while still being able to change the channel remotely.
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  1. I know this is ancient, but in case others come across the thread...

    K!TV is pretty good, but crashes my ATI TV Wonder 550.

    ChrisTV Lite is good, but looks like it is from the 90s and also has issues with my card.

    Though the setup isn't the easiest thing ever, I like VLC. It doesn't make channel changing very intuitive, I have to enhance it with RemoteTV -- which requires that a client and server application each be running. The idea is that you can unicast your tv to your network using VLC (with the server software running on the server) and using the client software as a 'remote' to change channels from any 'client' viewing the unicast.

    I use it on one machine for lack of a better option. The install is a little more comprehensive (install vlc, install server -- set to autorun, install client -- point to ip address, which may have to be updated if your IP changes), but isn't too daunting.

    Hope this helps is simple, and could help if you decide to get fancy and unicast to your network...which is surprisingly easy with vlc.

    Nick C
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