windows won't boot, used to be perfectly o.k.

Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe Wireless nForce 590 MB
AMD FX-62 w/ Scythe Ninja Plus Rev.b cooler
2x1 GB OCZ DDR2800 Dual channel Platinum Rev 2 XTC RAM
700 Watt OCZ GameXstream power supply
eVGA 7950GX2 1gb video card
WD Caviar SE 2500KS 250 gb HD
2x Lite-on Dual layer DVD+-RW
Thermaltake Shark Case
Win XP Pro Sp2

This setup has been working fine since I built it in October, no problems with boot-up whatsoever. I just brought it home from university 3 days ago and set it up and it worked fine until this morning. Last night the power flickered just enough to reset my computer (it's on a surge protector) then I tried to boot it up today and it went to the Safe Mode screen just after a regular POST and BIOS sequence. I selected 'Run Windows normally'.. then the windows startup screen popped up for a second then the computer just restarted itself and went to the safe mode screen again. So I selected to run in safe mode but it just resets itself again. :? :?:
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  1. Sounds like your Windows install is corrupt to me. :( Your HD is being recognized and is attempting to boot your install. So it's probably in the OS itself. In these cases your other files on the HD are, for the most part, still there and OK.

    You could try a 'repair install', though I have not had much luck with these myself. So probably a re-install. Unless, someone else has an idea.
  2. I'd run the hard drive mfg's diagnostic/repair software off a FLoppy, the power outage good have some how wacked out the hard drive and the software can repair it but agree with notherdude that the OS will likely need to be reinstalled. I think it's at least worth a try when the likely alternative is a reinstall
  3. Can't remember exactly...

    It might be in the safe mode, command prompt, or using the repair disk.

    But what I'm referring to, is to use the chkdsk /f command. That might get him out of that jam.


    I forgot about one app that can get you at least a command prompt, if you can't get to it in safe mode:

    Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVDurl]
  4. Agree. Try chkdsk for sure.
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