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I really don't know where to start. Well I'm trying to install a new sound card, it's a Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1 Digital PCI Card. Well my computer recognized it as I installed it but couldn't find any drivers. By the way I bought this card used with no driver cd. I went to the Creative site and found some drivers but for some reason they couldn't find my card. I also heard you have to disable the motherboard sound in the BIOS but I can't find it in my ABIT KU8 socket 754 mobo BIOS. Tried to flash it but don't know which one to dl. Wow I probably sound like such a n00b but I really need help because I'm in a mess. Could somebody take me step by step???

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  1. Under PCI Device in your bios there is an option to disable onboard sound.
    Remove the sound card from the system, turn off the audio device in the bios, reboot without the card and onboard sound off.
    Reinstall the card, reboot and start over. See what happens.

    Sorry buddy your SH!T out of luck. Creative has discontinued support for this product.

    Next time don't buy OLD used cards.....ask your "friend" for your money back.

    I would look into buying a SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY SE 24BIT

    Have it in one of my computers(my gaming computer use X-FI and i love it)
    and it sounds ground and works good for 5.1 listening to music.

    Seeing as its only 26$(24 at best buy or local retail) i cant imagine why you would buy a used Sound card.

    On a personal note if you have money buy the X-FI you wlill never ever regret it.
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