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Hey there, doing a project for school and our group has been working with Linux Mandrake 9.1 for the first time. We are having trouble however setting up a remote desktop connection to and from our Linux server with other windows computers. Are there any programs or manuals I can find online to help me set this up?
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  1. Install VNC server on the linux server ( s ) and your windows machines.

    Start the VNC server on the linux side and the VNC viewer on the windows side and voila you're done.

    GL :-D
  2. Nomachine (or FreeNX) is better solution for remote access to linux desktop, but configuration is a little wierd.

    Only NX client (not server) is available for windows ...
  3. Better yet forget the GUI, jump right in and use SSH :-D

    SSH can do X11 forwarding as well.
  4. There is a web client that you can serve up using your web server. This would be the neatest solution as this is Java based so nicely cross platform..

    realvnc java vnc viewer

    Cool or what? :D
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