Need help on Upgrading vista (PC keeps restarting!!!)

I had Vista Business, and decided to upgrade it with the retail Ultimate edition.

So i inserted disk, followed instructions, used the "Upgrade Method".

After instalation the PC booted up but when the Windows Loading Bar appears on the screen the PC Just reboots.

Then on re-boot for a few seconds 3 options come up, 1. Vista Partition or somting like this, 2. Roll back, 3. Same as option 1.

These options appear for like 5 seconds then dissapear leaving very little time to choos.

This three options also appear on the repair consol when booting through disk, it never fixes anything though. The 2 Vista Partitions are the same sive and the role back one is smaller. Could the problem be that Windows has 2 Boot partitions or sommin like this?

Now iv tried bootin in safe mode, that doest work, restartes in same place.

Finnaly i just pressed the roll back thing and it restored my busniess edition.

Can any one help me on upgrading my busniess to Ultimate thanks
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    I would suggest a fresh re-install/format. That will remove all the other versions of Vista that is complicating your installation.
  2. yep, ahd to in the end, just cleaned installed and resintalled everything again
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