SVChost.exe strikes again

I posted a forum topic about this months ago. I thought the problem was fixed but it came back. My computer going screwy again. I scan my computer for viruses everyday. When the error popped up, I did system restores about 6 times, but still won't fix the problem. I think I have a virus that my virus scan didn't pick up. I am running out of options my last plan is a full restore back to factory default. But SVChost.exe is stopping my backup efforts. Help!!!!!
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  1. what anti-virus do you have?
    have you tried scanning for viruses in safe mode? if that doesn't help than indeed your last resort might be system restore but remember to restore from a dvd/cd that came with your computer (and not by "control panel/ restore") or if it's a custom built reinstall xp on a formated drive.

    And please explain this in a little more detail
    But SVChost.exe is stopping my backup efforts.

    what exactly is going on?
  2. SVChost.exe will freeze up any burning software and won't let me backup. I might ask my friend to let me borrow his external until I get this thing together. I use AVG Free Edition as anti virus. I have Windows Defender for spyware but I will try Spybot for extra.
  3. make sure you update it then clean boot and try scanning, see if it helps
  4. Ok, I ran spybot, ad-aware, virus scans, I cleaned out my registry with Ace Utilites. I am trying AVG Anti Root-Kit now and SVChost.exe is still having error. Yet, on the error you can click Cancel to debug it and it's not affecting the computer.
  5. lol, man you still haven't answered my question, did you try to scan your drive in safe mode?
  6. Oh, no, I haven't yet. Will that help?
  7. it might, give it a try you got nothing to lose except for your system :P (just kidding)
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