Where to find a 400Mhz FSB Motherboard?

This may sound like a silly request to some, but I have an older Intel SL5UJ 400Mhz FSB CPU that I need to find a mobo for. In searching for one, I couldn't find anything that was slower than 533Mhz. My first question is - will a 400Mhz CPU work on a mobo that is 533/800? If so, then my search is done! If not, then is there a good outlet for older mobo's other than Ebay? Thanks ahead of time folks. This is my first post so go easy on me! :D
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  1. First of all, what is the socket of your processor, secondly what is your processor? If you are sure that they are of the same socket, usually you could use a board with a higher max fsb than the processor. Using a processor with a higher fsb than the motherboard is a no-no.

    Just be sure to at least check the whole specs of the motherboard and check if there's a processor compatibility list. Just to be sure, as rarely some boards do not support some of the older processors.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. I neglected that info! The proc is an LGA775 478 pin. I suspected that you could put a slower FSB chip on a faster mobo... thanks! That provides a much easier selection of mobos.
  3. I think you're confused. You are mixing two types of sockets: LGA 775 and socket 478. They're both incompatible. We really need to know the kind of processor. LGA 775 is new, the other, not.

    Googling it I’ve found that your processor uses socket 478. At least it's a start, as I don't know where you may find a mobo. I would google for one.
  4. i am also interested to find a socket 478 motherboard that supports 400fsb cpu's. i have a 2ghz p4 moblile which i scrapped form a laptop, that i would like to put to use.

    ASRock P4VM890 is a motherboard i am going to buy for a 2.67 ghz P4 i also have. the motherboard info says it supports 400/533/800 fsb but i am yet to find any review testing it with a 400fsb cpu
  5. Hmmm a few cases where even the same sockets do not necessarily mean the proc would work:

    Socket 478:
    Northwood boards could not support the 'C' processors, the first processors that supported Hyper-Threading. Though if you're buying a NEW S478 board today, chances are that whatever Socket 478 proc you have would readily run on that board. The only exception is if you buy second hand or third hand stuff. It is really needed that you check on the manufacturer's website the full specs and supported procs of the mobo.

    LGA775 is a picky scenario today. If you have a single core processor or HT (Hyper-Threading) only, then it should run on all 775 boards out there. If you have a pentium d 8xx or 9xx series you better check if the board would at least support Pentium D's. Now if you have a Core 2, then you need a Core 2 board, period.
  6. Quote:
    i have a 2ghz p4 moblile which i scrapped form a laptop, that i would like to put to use.

    Now did you say it came from a laptop?!?!? Well If that's the case, you need to be absolutely sure that it's a socket 478. I ain't sure when intel did start to use socket 479 in the mobile platforms. You just need to be really sure. It's really bad to buy a new board suddenly find out it doesn't fit.
  7. You know, looking back at the Intel website http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sspec=sl5uj for this chip, I am not sure how I ever got LGA775 out of it. It is clearly a Socket 478 as you say. Thanks for pointing that out. I probably would have purchased the wrong board! The ASRock board - haven't seen too many of those - are they rated pretty good? Thanks to everyone for all the help - this board ROCKS!
  8. You are correct it is a Northwood "Pentium 4 mobile". Not to confused with "mobile Pentium 4". (Intel makes all there chip names so distinctly different)

    As for the CPU cooler, the chip has no heat spreader but I do remember that I read an interesting review how to over come this. Place a dime on top of the chip; strangely, it is the same height of the heat spreader. I have no idea who wrote it and I am unable to find it again.

    As for the ASRock P4VM890 further reading at ASRock web site say it only supports Prescott and above. i guess i will just have to wait till i scrap some more old P4. intel 845,865 chipsets are know to work
  9. The Smithsonian?
  10. yea,it's like the guy who had a p4 core duo,his pc cooks dinner too. 8O
  11. Where to buy? Newegg or ebay. Most probably ebay.
  12. Fleabay is the best bet :D gl.
  13. F*** Ebay,withdrew my bid for a P4P800SE because of some BS'ng bidder.I really hate that place. :evil:
    looking to this ASRock P4VM890 for my 3.4E to sell.
    The board supports Northwood's and Celery's and Presshot's
    should work with yours if its socket 478.
    What about a Soyo P4S dragon Ultra?(SIS 645) still kicking with P-4 2.0A 400 mgz fsb @ 2.65 I'm about to take in trade from a friend,for a reasonable price with 512 pc2700 Samsung ?thought that might interest you.
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