Possible Overheating?

alright, so this is my first post, I joined because I'm having problems with my system.

I haven't had problems before now, and I'm not sure why.
ok, my system setup is: Kn8 ultra with a zalman heatsink on the NB, everything else stock, an antec 650W trio, Evga 7800 GT w/ artic cooling silencer, AMD 4200 x2 w/stock cooler.

I'm wondering what temperature a 7800Gt overheats at, mine seems to freeze up when it gets to about 70C.

strangely enough, I've never had any problems with it freezing until I play new RTS games, C&C 3, Medieval 2, sup com.

this hasn't been a problem with Half life 2 or Fear. I'm just trying to figure it out, one of my friends said his video card was overheating when he was playing C&C 3, so I figured that might be my problem too.

with the Silencer, the 7800 GT idles around 42C, and gets up to 70C and freezes.
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  1. i had some problem i thought that it was overheating. but how much RAM do you have. i thought my freezing in bf2 was from overheating or the gpu but it was the RAM. newer games requier more RAM you shoul atleast have a gig two to be really safe
  2. yeah, I have 2 gb. it's really a weird problem, only freezing in RTS games, don't you think?
  3. If you want to eliminate your RAM as the problem, run memtest86 for a half day or so. If it passes, then it's not your RAM. If you think your graphics card is overheating, have you tried cleaning the dust off the heatsink on your graphics card? I was starting to have issues with my card heating up (wasn't causing lockup though) and I couldn't force fan about a certain RPM, and I found that heatsink was clogged where the air was drawn in. Cleaned it and it made a 15-20 degree difference under load.

    EDIT: Also I see that two of those RTS's you list are very new games. How up to date are your drivers? Also are those games patched to their newest revisions? Old drivers + new games = suck. Just a thought.
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