Matrox Triplehead2GO Info needed!!!

Hi, i just bought 3 viewsonic VX924 to play my game on multiple screen. Now i just need to get this matrox thing to get the thing work together. I just wanna know something about image quality quality. Matrox Triplehead2G) use VGA outpost rather then DVI and my monitor are all plug using DVI. Do i am going to loose a lot of quality image?? So if someone can give me more info about that it would me cool.

Thanx and have a nice day!!!
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  1. You linked to the digital version re-read it, it's exactly what you're looking for, dual-link in and 3 single-link DVI outs. The VGA in is another option if you don't have a DVI.

    The analogue edition is the dirst one but now they have the DVI option too.
  2. You can only do true surround gaming with the TH2G, it's a different setup, and less buggy than multi-cards.
  3. The Digital version is new and one benefit is the bezel management they added. Not sure if they will add support for that with the analog version.
    I bought the analog one as the digital wasn't available yet and as it turned out it may benefit me. Thx to Cleeve here, I now have the dream to run 3 projectors with the tripple head, and use 3d glasses at once. Problem is you have to use the analog outs to get that to work. Anyway, that applies to maybe 1% of TH2Go owners at best. What video card are you going to be using? It's an impotant ?
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