need help with PSU

well im building a new gaming pc and these are the specs ive chosen:

c2d e4300
8800gts 320mb
Gigabyte DS3 (rev3.3)
2gb g.skill ddr2-800
160gb WD HDD
silverstone tj04 case

now its come down to 2 psu choices, both from silverstone. i do plan on overclocking up to 3ghz and need to know which psu will be best for me, keeping in mind the budget.

silverstone element 500W

silverstone olympia 650W

the olympia is almost $100 more than the element and i want to know if i do get the cheaper element, whether or not it will be able 2 support my overclocking or whether its worth the extra $ for the olympia. thnx.
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  1. ok thnx alot, i think for now ill just stick with the element. you say all new video cards will be using 8pin pci-e connectors, does this include the 8800gts?
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