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Right now I am having big problems with my PC. I cannot load Windows or boot in safe mode because I get this error message: MSVPC60.dll is missing, etc... .After that, the PC just hangs to a black screen.

- I cannot repair Windows XP using traditional methods found on Google, such as booting with the Windows CD and going into setup and then repairing ( not using recovery console). Second, I have already tried one method in the recovery console :

This method has eliminated a few errors ( Im now down to only MSVPC60 ) but it is enough to prevent me from doing anything.

I need some serious help quickly people. Is there something else that I can do?
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  1. enter the recovery console, When in there, type:

    copy X:\i386\msvpc60.dll C:\Windows\System32

    X = the drive letter of your cd-drive that the xp cd is in.
    C = the drive letter of your hard drive that your copy of windows is installed
  2. Argh, the system cannot find the file specified.
    Any typos or anything? I know the dll is MSVCP60.dll instead of PC. Any other way?
  3. download it put it in a floppy and then repeat the comment this time instead of:

    copy X:\i386\msvcp60.dll C:\Windows\System32


    copy X:\msvcp60.dll C:\Windows\System32

    X = the floppy drive letter

    make sure you have the word copy in the command
  4. Hi there,
    Ive just encountered the exact same problem after uninstalling a driver for my ASUS graphics card, and are now unable to reboot due to that file being missing.

    Ive tried doing a repair uninstall, which didnt work, and now have tried the recovery procedure that you have mentioned, but it generally comes up with: file not found etc

    any other clues?
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