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I hope I am not perceived as writing blasphemy here, but am I the only linux fan that takes issue with the way Ubuntu does certain things? By that I mean that they seem to sacrifice any possibility for user configuration of packages at install time for the sake of 'user friendliness'. I am aware that the distribution is jumping through many hoops to appeal to windows converts and computer newbies in general, but I certainly think that maybe they could afford to have an 'advanced configuration' button on their installer that would let you pick which packages you install just like Fedora Core does. To me, what they are doing there is kinda the equivalent of forcing a calculus student to attend a class on basic algebra. I say all this because I have been encouraged by different people to try many different distributions of linux to see which fits my style, and when i installed it on my mom's laptop, i came away from the whole experience feeling kinda like I was being talked down to by ubuntu.

I don't mean to say that ubuntu is bad or anything, they are doing the best job they can. All I am saying is that I am not sure i see what makes it so much better than the other distributions out there. Like i said, it is great that they are trying to help out the newbies and make things as easy as possible, but it would be nice if they had some sort of advanced users mode for linux sophomores that want to give ubuntu a shot. Who knows, maybe something like that already existed and I just missed it.

With all that said, I am thinking about trying out the new Feisty Fawn when it comes out to see if anything has changed, so you can see that I am not an ubuntu hater :D If that system doesn't serve me well, my last stop will most likely be FC7 before I venture off into the wilderness that is known as 'Gentoo'. I'd like to hear any comments that my fellow linux users have on this topic :D


P.S. Maybe this is just picky-ness on my part, but I don't exactly think that brown is the most aesthetically pleasing color, and I wish the people at the ubuntu project would come to realize this as well (and yes, i know the reason why they use brown, but i wish they would ditch it anyways) .
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  1. I do understand what you mean. I've been on Ubuntu since 5.10 and I'll be honest I expected to have gotten under the hood more than I have. I think it's both a good and a bad thing. As you note Ubuntu is aimed as being a user friendly installation that for most people runs straight of the boot, frequently requiring less configuration than a Vista or XP system.

    Personally I'm going to stay with Ubuntu. It does what I need and it does it with little messing. Feisty is better from the beta I tried and the automatic codec installation sounds like a blast. Now that Ubuntu and Linspire have joined forces expect to see click and run in the mix very shortly too.

    It might be I reach a point where I want more control. I can move to Debian and use the skills I've learned or possibly look at some of the more power distributions.

    At the end of the days there are so many options...
  2. I started my foray into the Linux world about a year and a half ago with openSUSE. I thought that was a good distro, but I didn't use it for very long. I eventually sublet to a roommate who was well versed in Linux, and he taught me a lot. He got me to set up a media server on an old PC using Gentoo, and later I put Gentoo on my desktop, with Enlightenment e17. This was fine, but I eventually became overwhelmed with conflicting packages that held bad system updates. It was clear, after no longer living with my roommate, that the Gentoo waters were a little too deep for me.

    I decided to try Ubuntu out, because I heard it's pretty simple to use. I've been impressed since day one. That's not to say I haven't had issues. I've had to dig out a few tools to get the settings right (esp. for my wxga TV on my media centre). I'd say I've had my fill of working at the command line and manually editing configuration files. Some people are going to want more, and I can appreciate Gentoo's customisation options for the kernel. Nothing I know of will run lighter or faster.

    I like Ubuntu the most because it's a viable alternative for computer users, not experts. Ubuntu has a chance of mass adoption, which means better 3rd party support for all Linux over time. I see Linux in tech news headlines more often than ever before, and I think a lot of this has to do with Ubuntu (and Vista, hehe). The good news is that as long as open-source exists, you will have choice.
  3. I follow a similar tale as Hotfoot. I installed Mandriva 2007 as it was advised to me as one of the simple Linux distros to use. Well I found it difficult to install, because I didn't have enough knowledge in Linux, I found it had regular crashes and locked up regular on my system.... It looked pretty, but it was very functional to me.

    Within a few weeks, I was back to dual booting XP :cry:

    Another linux friend suggested to try out Ubuntu. I thought "Well, there are only a million different linux distros, they all can't be hard to use" so I downloaded Dapper 6.06 and that was that. I went 4 months before having to use XP again (Only for a game that Cedega couldn't handle). Ubuntu taught me a lot about Linux, while remaining simple and user friendly. The biggest thing I like about Ubuntu in general is that the Community is really really supportive! If I have any hassles with Ubuntu, I just check the forums, do a little search and usually in 15-20 mins, my problems are fixed, and the best thing is, I usually learn something new and get to do the fixing myself!

    I like it when people like Linux_0 post in the lines of code with what they do and how it fixes the system, it not only helps me learn, but makes it easier in general to help others!

    Zorak, I don't see your post as being blasphmer, but I do oppose it a little (not much though :lol: ) You might not be able to manage the packages at install, but that was one of the things that to me, made installing Mandriva so hard. I didn't know what half the packages were, let alone know which ones I wanted :( And if your an advanced user like yourself, you could always just make your own Ubuntu compiled disc with the packages you use and put it on CD.... Ubuntu 7.04 - Zorak Edition :wink:

    After my Ubuntu installs these days, I remove a few packages I don't use and add a few, this was similar to what I did with XP installs, but a hell of a lot simpler and faster!

    OT: I really like the way we can have discussion in the linux area without people putting flames posts :) Oh how Linux has changed my life!
  4. Quote:
    OT: I really like the way we can have discussion in the linux area without people putting flames posts :) Oh how Linux has changed my life!

    We run Linux... we need all the friends we can get. :wink:
  5. I've never tried Ubuntu... however I did try Fedora Core and found it extremely easy to install. Of course, getting my Radeon 9700 Pro up and running was a different matter entirely... but at least I could install and use FC without a large amount of fuss.
  6. Well, i downloaded and burned the feisty CD, but i haven't had a chance to install and use it yet. So, I am guessing that some time this weekend I will most likely take the plunge. As for Zoron's comments, I must wholeheartedly agree. I have found FC6 fairly easy to install, and I do like the level of customization it allows you to have at install time, and my Radeon 9600XT has been a major major pain in the butt for me under FC6 unfortunately. Here is to hoping that when I give ubuntu a try things might be different.

  7. Irony.. oh the irony.. :roll:
  8. Just installed Ubuntu 7.04 yesterday and I am personally impressed with it. For example, I was able to play a divx movie and it automatically download codecs and play properly. However, it still have some work in order to replace my windows xp desktop.

    Here are some gripes...
    1) I have problems playing encrypted dvd's. I know css is a restricted content. I tried a couple of workarounds but it does not work. But Make it easier for idiots to install it ok?
    2) I go to abcnews, cbsnews, and msnbc to watch streaming videos, and It can only play videos in msnbc.
    3) I have an ATI hdtv tuner card, although I can watch regular tv content, HTDV does not work.
    4) I often use citrix client to access to log in. Can't they ever have a working citrix client that works?

    Hopefully after a few releases, they can addresses those issues and I will be a happy converter.
  9. Hi pug_s,

    1) DVD playback: I recommend installing automatix2. This program automates the installation for many third-party or restricted projects. Getting DVD playback working is much simpler if you do it through automatix2. Note that it's illegal to play DVDs in the U.S. without forking money over to the film industry cartel. I believe that the real reason for css and other forms of DRM is so that the cartel can charge royalty fees on both the content and playback hardware/software. In days gone by, this would be illegal under anti-trust laws, so I'd tend not to worry about being sued because you're playing DVDs that you paid for.

    2) Are you running 32 or 64-bit ubuntu? If you're using 64-bit, then you may be having a problem with flash video. If this is the case, then I'd recommend following the proceedure at the ubuntu forum. Here is the link.

    3), 4) Sorry I can't help you with these. I have no experience with them.
  10. In response to Geeky Byzantine and AudioVoodoo, is there something that I have missed here? Obviously this irony has seemed to pass me right on by... do explain :D


    P.S. Am I the only one here who thinks the Ubuntu people should move to a less hideous default color scheme? I know how to change the settings, but I wish my senses wouldn't be assaulted every time i load up the liveCD.
  11. lol.. For those of you that don't know Geeky and I first met over a little debate (religious type) over in another forum. We made friends down here in the Linux section afterwards as we realised that despite not agreeing on some things we could both share experiences with Linux. The Irony is geeky kicking me back when this is where we became friends..

    Linux has introduced me to some interesting people and there tends to be a bit of the old dunkirk spirit about life with us all.
  12. Oh waaaaa...


    I still like FC... it was fairly easy to set up. (Well, except for my ATi driver, that is). I was impressed that it had drivers for all my hardware.
  13. I found a good guide to get 3D working with ATi under FC6... though I cannot recall where I found it.


    I had it working after a bit of work.
  14. unfortunately i have not been able to get my graphics card 100% working under FC6, but hopefully when I give ubuntu a try, those evil issues will magically go away ( everyone is entitled to one irrational thought every month or so...).

    Anyways, Audiovoodoo and Geeky Byzantine, all your response did was pique my interest even more about what is going on here. Would you mind sending me a link to the particular thread where you had your little debate? :D


  15. Quote:
    1) I have problems playing encrypted dvd's. I know css is a restricted content. I tried a couple of workarounds but it does not work. But Make it easier for idiots to install it ok?

    LinDVD, solved my problems....

    4) I often use citrix client to access to log in. Can't they ever have a working citrix client that works?

    You should be able to use Terminal Server Client (TSC) as it handles RDC/VNC/Citrix etc. I use it for accessing my terminal servers here at work with RDC.

    Never tested it with citrix, so YMMV....
  16. I fairly recently found TSC (after using rdesktop and tightvnc for ages) and I must say it's a tight piece of kit, very clean and easy to use. Fine suggestion.
  17. The only quirk I have with TSC is that when you disconnect from your server in RDC, it tries to reconnect after 30 seconds :lol: It's almost like it wants me too keep working 8O Nuuu....
  18. STHU and get back to work :P
  19. I don't get it. Linux wants to reach a broader audience. In order to do that, you have to remove some of the Linux-iness from Linux. Ubuntu is usually a learning platform for the rest of us to move on to more complex distros. That being said. My wireless card still doesn't work with Feisty. I fockin' 'ate Broadcom..
  20. I'm a code monkey*....


    Not a trained monkey :lol:

    * Not officially, but I'm starting to feel like one after working with VB .NET for the last 6 weeks writing a program for work... Network Administrator come Programmer WTF! :lol:
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