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Hey gents,

I know a guy thats letting a year old x800xl go for around 60$ (PCI-E, 256 ram) and I was wondering if Id be better off spending a little more and getting one of the newer cards listed in that "best cards for under a 100$" sticky off of newegg. Maybe its a stupid question and all, but Im wondering if theres somehing that an older, fairly expensive card might have over a new cheap one. Thanks for any info.
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  1. Roughly speaking, I think the X800XL will be a little slower than a 7600GT which is $90 at Newegg, after a $20 mail-in rebate.

  2. Thanks for the info. I reckon Ill follow your advice.
  3. Thirded. You might also want to look at the X1650XTs (ATIs answer to the 7600GT).
  4. I disagree with what others have said. The 7600GT is indeed a bit faster (although it's 128-bit vs the X800XL's 256-bit), but for 60$ the X800XL is a steal! That's an awesome deal really. Even counting the mail-in rebate, if you get it, the 7600GT is more than 90$, including the shipping and taxes.

    The only real disadvantage of the X800XL is not power, it is lack of SM3.0 support. That means you can't play Rainbow Six Vegas and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, or enable HDR in Oblivion. Although the 7600GT wouldn't do very well with these games anyway, it still can run them, and do HDR in Oblivion (with lag).

    But seriously, for 60$... that's a no-brainer. I got mine for 140$ canadian 8 months ago and I considered it a bargain.
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