Unreadable? Stripped Volume/SW driver conflict?

Upgraded from a Nforce 2 socket A board to a 6100-430 AM2 board. Two of my old 160gig harddrives are in a 'stripped volume'. Please note: THIS IS NOT A RAID CONFIGURATION. The one time I reinstalled windows, before the upgrade, it woudn't detect the volume until I installed the SW IDE driver. Now I have installed the SW drivers that are for my new board, but Disk Management says the volume is unreadable? Short of rebuilding my old pc and transferring 180 gigs of music vids and mp3s across my network... what else could I do?
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  1. I had this problem myself once already. From what I could tell, the stripe is driver dependant. If the hardware and driver are too different from the original, the stripe will not be recognized. I had to use my old raid card and drivers to access the stripe.

    Could not find another solution :(

    Sorry dude
  2. Yeah, I broke down and am transfering across the my net. Those two striped ata 133s are going to take awhile to move it to my sata2 drive. Was surprised it only took 20 minutes to put together my old pc from nothing and get it up and running enough to do it. Had everything all packed up in static wrap. Glad I didn't wipe my os off the 3rd harddrive, that saved alot of time there. LOL

    Thanks though.
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