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i have vista ultimate and i have a panasonic pv-gs19 camcorder. i plug it in the firewire port on my pc and nothing happens. so i uninstal the 1394 controller and rebooted the pc than it reinstalled it automaticly no problem. same thing again still wont work so i installed a firewire card i was using on my other pc and same thing it installs the controller but nothing happens like nothing was connected. any advice would be appreciated if its a driver issue where are the drivers for it.
thanks marc
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    The firewire on my ASUS mb worked right after installation without any special drivers required. Are you actually seeing the controller card in your system, without any indicator flags that there's a problem with the installation? If so, it's possible that you may have to check out the cam or controller hardware man. website and see if they have any known problems with Vista.
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