EVGA AM2 - Scythe Ninja hits memory bank - What will fit?

I bought a EVGA AM2 590SLI motherboard and a Scythe Ninja Rev B and it would not fit .

The heatpipes stuck out about 1/8 inch into the first slot of my memory, and the mobo won't run with mem in slot 2/4 only.

What cooler would/should fit and do a good job.

I want to push my 5200+ to around 2.9-3.0 Ghz

I've a budget of $50

I bought the Ninja for 30 on sale at Newegg, but had to give it away on a build for a lady...... She'll get a good cooler.

It fit her mobo fine , and temps dropped from 40 celcius to 26 celcius. Not bad at all..
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  1. Zalman 9700, Thermalright 120 Extreme (or Ultra), Noctua NH-U12F.
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