Vista X64/X86 and the effects on gaming

does anyone saw or can ask TG to do a bench of OS's XP/XP 64/Vista64/86....

how it affects on games?

is games in 2007-9 will support 64bit?

i only know about farcry 64bit. i guess crysis will (& it's a pretty good reason to work on 64bit... if it will)

thanks guys...
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  1. 64-bit games on Vista? Haven't seen any benchies but in theory you might be able to get better performance especially if you have a lot of RAM, since you can use over 4GB, but this is only speculation, I have no proof of this.
  2. Other sites have tried this and until someone writes a Vista 64 specific game that actually takes advantage of the 64 bit platform, there are no current performance benefits of 64 over 32 bit for gaming (indeed, in some cases 32 bit actually performs slightly better because of specific environment settings). Even the beta 64 bit games are not using the 64 bit api that would improve performance calls. Right now, the only performance variable is the GPU because of AMDs jump on getting better drivers available quicker and there are some mobos that are first now getting the correct BIOS to support RAM correctly for the 64 bit OS.
  3. Yar, this be a good call. Not gonna dispute this as I never really keep up on like game benchies, but I think it's gonna be a while before we really start seeing 64bit Vista games, or at least more of them. Still... I'm also curious to see how they'll perform...
  4. I think once the driver issues are really fixed in about 6 months and performing like they should, you will see a significant increase in the availability of 64 bit games and their performances should be at least 15%-20% better than 32 bit if normal office apps are any comparison.
  5. Besides the perfomance gain u will see much more details all over the place... U can find on the internet some farcry 32bit compared to teh 64bit version where much more stuff is added to the game.

    So even if the fps is the same theres gonna be much more objects all over the place...
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