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Hi everyone im switching back from Vista to XP because of the usual problems. Anyways, to first i tryed using the disk i got for xp pro (nonSP) and got a pci.sys error. So, i created a slipdisk for SP2 and popped that in, and fixed the pci.sys error. But now, when i get to the partition screen, it says unknown drive, no disk (or whatever) So i click D for delete partition and i get BSOD about setupdd.sys error. I have no idea why or what is causing it.

If it is the cd, is there anyway i can disable my Pci-e card so that i can install from original disk without getting pci.sys error? Thanks for help
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  1. okay soo i put in my vista cd, and managed the find the partition and reformat it and reinstall vista, but to no avail on XP. SO im guessing its a bad CD. Anyways, is there anything i can do to fix it besides the cd that i might be missing?
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