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Vista Won't Wake Up

..and i know it's not because it's lazy. everytime i attempt to put my pc to sleep, there is no screen on startup, but everything comes on.. just no screen.

every fricken time.

and it's annoying either keeping it on or turning it off when you could easily put it to sleep as on xp or even osx.. but it's not happening.

new system:
4gb patriot 6400 ram [2gb sticks]
evga 680i mobo [a1]
bfg 8800gts oc2
thermaltake toughpower 750w

and, vista ultimate 64

anyone else having these issues or have a fix?

the bios has been updated and the card has the latest drivers, as well.
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    it's a known nvidia driver issue, you just gonna have to wait for new whql(or beta).
  2. that's what i was afraid of.

    thanks assman!
  3. no problem.
    i have had a similar issue with my pc and vista, except it bsod on me after "sleep" :P . so i've searched for the source of the problem on nvidia's forum and found out that it's a driver issue.
  4. oh, thought you might enjoy this:

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    and this, should be a sticky :)

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  9. LAWL

    every vista problem should be a damn sticky..

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  10. i was talking about your quote being made sticky
    it's never too early to drink alone on the weekend..

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