D-Link router cannot get DHCP information from cable modem

I have a D-Link DI-634M which was working just fine in Washington DC connected to a Comcast cable modem. I have since moved to North Carolina and have Time Warner. I followed TW instructions to unplug both devices then bring up the modem and then the wireless router. I go to the status page in the router configuration and it just sits there on "Acquiring DHCP..." It never receives it.

I have a PC that does the same thing when I plug it in with an ethernet cable directly to the TimeWarner cable modem but it eventually comes back as "Limited or no connectivity" after several minutes of trying to get a DHCP address.

The only success I have is in using my macbook pro. I connect that to the modem and I get an address which allows me to access this site and post this message.

So using these three configurations to the TimeWarner modem with an ethernet cable:
D-Link Router <----------> Time Warner Modem
Acquiring DHCP forever

Fujitsu WinXP <----------> Time Warner Modem
Limited or no connectivity

Macbook Pro <----------> Time Warner Modem
Acquires DHCP and happy surfing

So what is my macbook doing that the PC and router are not? Time Warner was almost no help at all and told me that since I was able to use it with one computer that that means their service is working and they can't help me with configuration issues.
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  1. Try cloning the MAC address of your Macbook Pro on the router.

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