ATI bundles Half Life 2 Ep 2 with HD 2900XT, well a voucher.

So here you have it the truthful always rite fudzilla is claiming ati will bundle the next Half Life 2 Ep2 game of the series with its new HD 2900xt cards. But the catch is the game won't be out on the 14th May Ati 2900XT release, Oh, no, no, no, they will instead give you a voucher with the card like they did before with the Ati 9800 cards, so you get the game for free when it game does finally see the day of light.
Good move by AMD me thinks, i dunno if it will save the day but when more benchies come out of this card and people see that the card at DX10 will outperform the Nv 8800 series with ease and DX10 games come out in the near future people won't be so sceptical about the r600 series. Anyways this is fudzilla so it could be bulls**t.
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  1. Fuck ATI.
  2. That would be the best bundle I've ever seen.
  3. TF2 will be comming with HL2 EP2 regardless, but still a nice little bundle!


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