new to wireless, need some help

Alright so I've had wired internet all my life, and my mom is wanting to move her computer and I want to move mine to my room. So we'd need to get wireless. Now, I'm kind of sketchy about this because most of my friends who have wireless have shitty connections and they drop sometimes and they're slow. I'm a gamer and I download things a lot, so I need as much speed as humanly possible.

I'm thinking about the Belkin router with the draft N technology, the one that has like three antennas. CNET gave it much praise and says it has long range which is good because I have a huge house. Here's a link...

Also considering the D-link gaming router. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I just need a fast router with a solid connection that has long range.
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  1. Go with what you have or try these d-link routers out.

    Older but with plenty of good reviews:

    Newer and "better" but doesn't have many reviews:
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