Multiple OS in one system ?

is that even possible ? such as 2 x win xp ? thx!
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  1. Quote:
    Multiple OS in one system ?

    yes it's possible, it's called dual boot (you can have more than 2 os in one system).
    you can dual boot different os, like vista and xp and/or ubuntu etc.
    you can google on the subject for more info and for pros/cons of dual booting.
  2. another way is to create a virtual machine, you can do this with vmware

    vmware basically is an application you run in windows, and then vmware will allow you to install and run multiple operating systems inside of it. ;)
  3. forgot to mention that :P
  4. so... technically... i can have 4 OS ?
    Vista ?

    with one hard drive and 5 partitions ?
  5. I have never done 5 partitions however I have had xp home as a base then with vmware run win2000 pro, xp pro and longhorn (way back in the day) running right off the xp home desktop, I think I have screenshot of that somewhere hold on...

    got it, this from like 4 or 6 years ago I don't remember which but what you see is the background (xp home desktop) then on the top of that you see win2000 pro desktop, xp pro desktop and longhorn desktop.
    click image to enlarge
  6. technically yes, but im not sure why would someone needed so many os on one machine.

    @edklite: are you from chicago? (saw the wallpaper, just wondering :) )
  7. not from Chicago, just a random wall paper I think :D
  8. I prefer a different hard drive for each OS... but maybe that's just me. I don't see the point of running 98 and 2 versions of XP either...
  9. I had 3 OSes on one hard drive. Not very convinient usage IMHO.
  10. I have Windows 98 and WIndows XP, but both are on separate drives.

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