Vista, Viiv, and htpc

Has _anyone_ been able to get Viiv running with Vista?

One thing I have noticed is that Intel plasters 64-bit technology all over their Viiv site and goes on about how it really makes multimedia look good... except if you actually go looking for Viiv, Intel does not support Viiv on 64-bit XP or Vista; you can only put it on a 32-bit OS??!?

Also another thing noticed, the only way you can get Viiv 1.6 (the Vista version) is to _upgrade_ from the 1.5 (XP media center version). I.E. they only have an upgrade version and do not have a 'clean' install Viiv??!? Viiv is not a supported option with new Intel Viiv-capable motherboards in a new Vista installation.

No Viiv with Ultimate or Premium, unless you actually upgrade from XP MCE??!? If anyone knows how to do it otherwise, I would really like to know. I was planning to build a htpc but I certainly wasn't planning to buy XP MCE first.

(I just edited to include htpc in the title for additional exposure)
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  1. Viiv was specifically meant to counter the problems and create content improvments with MCE05 PCs. There are many articles like this one that explains part of its nightmare and why it will probably never fully take off:

    With Vista, the Intel Viiv and AMD Live! movements are temporarily roadblocked by the OS already having some of the hardware improvements built in and the Viiv logo wrapper tools now becoming soon-to-be-released Ultimate sidebar widgets. With Viiv's recent issues with DRM vs. non-DRM content, we'll have to see how this one plays out.
  2. Thanks for the link - not only that one but I also went through all of the ones it referenced (I had no idea Viiv was such a farce). I've got some Viiv stickers that came with my BadAxe2 though - maybe I can unload them on ebay!

    Looks like I need a new plan for a media server if I keep heading that way. I've already got a 2T NAS box full of .iso movies so maybe I'll just set up a cheap wireless-n, home-premium pc with a good video card, and a good remote and then just not worry about serving, media extenders, or any of that crap.
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