Windows dual boot, virtural windows or Flash drive.

Here my setup right now

Area 51 5550I R3
Core 2 t7600 2.33 ghz
2 gb of Ram
GForce Go 7600 256mb
250gb hard drive.

Vista runs good on my 60gb hard drive. Some time next week I will get a 250gb hard driv and I think there might be a few programs that might not work on vista. Or games might work better in XP.

What I learn so far there 3 ways I can setup this laptop with 2 OS.

1 Is Windows Dual Boot
2 Virtural Windows
3 Windows in your pocket 8 gb flash drive

What do you all think will be a good setup.
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  1. What is the main purpose of the PC and what will be your main OS? If you are doing Vista, with XP virtual, games won't work so well. A flashed Windows is just another type of dual boot - and is slower because of USB speeds - not recommended unless if you have serious hard disk issues. Straight dual-booting means installing twice (one in both OS) if you want the apps available in both instances - but allows you the greatest flexibility of all your options.
  2. On this laptop. Windows XP will be use for Software that not vista complient. 90% of the software I use work for Vista.

    Vista will be the Main OS.
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    I personally would go Vista and find freeware alternatives for the apps that don't work. If you really need XP and compatibility mode doesn't work for those apps, a straight dual-boot is the better way to go.
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