Name for new computer store

Just bouncing some idea's

Will mostly deal with computer repairs, both hardware and software. Starting with retail, may head into the commercial environment sometime in the future.

Repair I.T Computer Solutions
I.T Work's
PC 2 Go
Mirage Computers
or "Name goes here" Computers (xxxx Computers)

Any opinions / input is greatly appreciated!
By the way, I am located in Western Australia :)

Thank you for your time!
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  1. outback tech services
    aussie i.t.
    (town name) pc repair ... but not newling if that is the town name...
    crocodile done-tech might not want to use that but i couldnt resist
    tech down under

    or any trendy future name along the lines of mirage (but that one is most likely taken). do not forget to add some semblance of "service" or "repair" or "I.T." or other hint at what your company is about.

    remember to search google for the name you want to use.. it might already be in use.

    you want a name that is somewhat professional but do not be afraid to make it a little trendy. dont forget a catchy catchline. if you make it too formal like... pc repair in the (area)... then people are less likely to remember it. just remember not to make it TOO trendy or it might turn away people.
  2. Tech Swan??
  3. PC Garage
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys :D
    Funny you should say Tech Swan Pyree, as the suburb I am located in is actually called Middle Swan.
  5. Ben I am just a bit further South of you in Settlers Hills ... Baldivis.

    Good luck with the business !!!

    I edited out your name on the OP ...

    There are lots of small PC businesses in Perth ... mobile and being prepared to go to the customer is the go.

    Try a simple name so it is easy to remember and find a supplier who is easy to deal with.

    PCPlus are open Sundays in Rocky ... there are not many shops that are in Perth.
    I usually find Austins are the cheapest supplier though You also have PLE (If Gary is still there he is a good contact) and Netplus up your way.

    There is also Trinix, Storm and MCG.

    PLE (Peter Ling) I think still owns Trinix ... I knew him when he and his wife started their business from their shed out the back of their house on Canning Hwy many years ago ... nice bloke he is too.

    Running a repair business that is mobile is low risk as a startup business ... trying to compete with the likes of the above in terms of a shop would be suicidal.

    Note I have left a few businesses off my list as I have not dealt with them personally.

    Get a cheap van you can setup a simple work area inside and cart around a few spares / parts.

    Hope this helps ... good luck !!

  6. Thank you for all the excellent advice Reynod,

    I didn't expect to get this detailed response, but as I have I will clarify my situation. Basically I am currently employed as a technician at The PC Stop in Midland, a business which is closing up shop at the end of the month.

    I have worked as a technician in this shop for around two years, and have established many contacts with wholesalers (altech, DMA, achieva, brianology too name a few) and more importantly I personally deal with almost every customer.

    Due to the fact that I have managed the store for this time, really the only thing that will change is the name and the financial structure, (the current business is going under due to tax evasion and other dodgy business practices).

    But as it is, I expect well over 300 in revenue in my first year, simply from established relations with customers. For legal reasons I must change the name.

    Once again, thank you for your time and advice :)

  7. I trade in my little patch in England as Dr. PC. My friend calls it a naff name but while people can't note my phone number from my vehicle signwriting at whatever miles per hour they pass me, they will remember that name and Yellow Pages does the rest.

    Best of luck.

  8. Ben I will come out and visit you sometime.

    Are you in the little row of shops along Gt Eastern Hwy or CentrePoint, or over at the old Gateway? shops?

    I like MidlandPC or something like that (HILLSPC) which tells the customer the area you are in ... PC North ... ??

    Opening on Sundays might help boost sales if you do it yourself and don't have to employ additional staff ... trying to fix something on Sundays is a nightmare in Perth ... but I understand the labour costs too.

    My old mate Jan used to own Integrated Electronics in Midland ... I did some techy work for him years ago.

    Good luck with the shop and if you need any assistance with a weird PC problem our resident experts here are always keen to help anyone.
  9. My choice is PC garage
  10. I am actually going to be located in one of the shops on great eastern highway between CentrePoint and Midland Gate, number 267.

    Thank you for all your help guys, it is greatly appreciated and I am sorry for the late reply (I have been extremely busy).

    I think I will end up opening Sundays, at least for a while as a trial run.

    Feel free to stop by any time Reynod.

    Thanks again
  11. Fast track computers
    Arrow computing
    Can't think of any more at the moment hahaha
    What about
    Ideal Computing
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