Vista Fact or fiction x 2

I've been told two things in the last couple of days and need some clarity!

I've been trying to get a new HP Pavilion Laptop with Vista Home premium to "Remote Desktop" a desktop PC with XP Pro SP2.

After all kinds of migraines, I call the HP Laptop tech support and they say that . . .

Fact or Fiction 1) "The Laptop with Vista home premium won't or cant
~Remote Desktop~ with the Desktop XP!"

Upon querying a few people I'm then told . . .

Fact or Fiction 2) "Vista Home premium wont ~Remote Desktop~ with XP
Pro but Vista Ultimate will, only with the computer name
and not with an IP!"
Hmmmm . . .

So can anyone shed some light here? Which of the above two F or F's is true or false ? Both None One?

thanks chris
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  1. no I have not but will . .

  2. I'm not update to date on the Home but I'd guess that Home doesn't give support to Remote Desktop, only requesting remote help.

    Whereas the Ultimate is all inclusive of all the operating systems and is the high end package which will support it.

    Not sure why it wouldn't use the IP. I know they added in a service that goes out and detects all attached network devices.. I forget what its called and don't feel like looking it up right now.

    Home most likely doesn't support Remote Desktoping another computer.

  3. Home most likely doesn't support Remote Desktoping another computer.

    All versions of Vista support outgoing RDP connections. Vista Home Premium in theory won't act as an RDP server for incoming connections, but in reality requires a minor bit of legal hacking to function as one. It would be unsupported by MS, however.

    The OP's situation seems to be an outgoing connection to an XP pro box which should work fine with an updated client. Please follow up if that doesn't work, or if you need to run the laptop as an RDP server.

    good luck.
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