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Is it me or are all the graphics cards now using only DVi and HDMI inputs.

Maybe i missed something as i dont physically have a newer card, but in the pictures theres no VGA connection.. Is VGA now gone? If so that means when i upgrade my graphics (hopefully to a 7900) i may have to buy a brand new monitor!
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  1. VGA is infact the type of resolution: 640 x 480
    you probably mean the 15 pins D-sub sonnector :P
    jeah, it's slowly fading.

    don't know what the max data throughput of a D-sub cable - connector is?
    probably not enough for extreme resolutions on a 30" panel!

    i use a CRT with D-sub on my DVI output; works great!
  2. Most cards that only have DVI connections also supply DVI-to-VGA adapters. If they don't you can buy them at the egg...

  3. thats exactly the right way to go! you can either get a cable that adapts it or a small little junction either way it'll cost you about a fiver
  4. ok thanks :D im not likely to get a nice new screen for a while so an adapter will have to do.
  5. HDMI / DVI converters are pretty common as well now.
  6. Since there are several different DVI connectors be sure the adapter you get will work with the type of connector you are using. It took me a couple trips to the component store to get the right stuff for my setup. I find this link useful:
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