Boot-up disk checking problem

Not sure what happened, or even if I did this, but I really would like to get it 'fixed' - meaning stopped!

Starting early yesterday, whenever I boot-up the comfuser, I get a blue screen stating that one of my drives needs to be checked for consistancy & that disk check is about to run (I press spacebar to stop it). This is my firewire-connected iPod Mini, & this never happened before. I don't need this to happen everytime I boot-up, or even at all.

Can anyone tell me how/why this started & how do I get it to stop :?:
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  1. Suggest you get the diagnostic/repair software from you hard drive mfg web site and run it from a Floppy.
  2. I don't think it's available for an iPod Mini.

  3. Quote:
    I don't think it's available for an iPod Mini.


    Was confued, thought it was his hdd. If this is a start up problem, sounds like he shouldn't plug in the iPod after he starts, which he may be doing but not real clear.
  4. The dock (w/iPod Mini docked) has always been connected to the comfuser by firewire w/o any problems. This problem just started Tuesday & I'm not sure as to why.

    When the iPod is NOT in the dock (but dock still connected through firewire) I don't get the problem.

    Anyone have an idea as to what's wrong?
  5. Once your computer boots into Windows and you dock the iPod, are there problems or do they only occur during start up when the iPod is docked? I don't know if iPods have firmware updates but if they do you could try that. It sounds like you may have a corrupt file on your iPod. I'd start with any files you put on Monday given the problem started Tuesday.
  6. FWIW, I have the same thing happen if I have a USB drive connected when my computer boots. Have you tried just letting chkdsk run?

  7. On my sister's XPC barebones I has similar problems except the PC would start up incredibly slow.

    Only thing I can suggest is unplug the ipod mini from the PC!!
  8. g-paw: This only happens when the iPod is in it's dock (dock is always connected to the computer via firewire). I'm checking today if there is a firmware update I need.

    Grumpy9117: I have let chkdsk run (2x) & no probs found either time. BTW, What is FWIW?

    Once I check for any firmware updates, I'll post what I find. Thanks.
  9. FWIW = For what it's worth

  10. Not sure what happened. I did nothing to the iPod or it's connection to my computer. No updates, no iPod resets, not anything.

    But the Blue Screen is not coming up anymore & both iPod & computer seem to be fine. Very weird...ending as it started, suddenly.

    Oh well, everythings fine now. Thanks for the responses everyone.
  11. That's Windows for you. Always expected the unexpected.

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