Home network problem please help

Ok I have a small home network with three computers, Vonage voip, and a 30/5mb cable connection. Heres how its setup

Cable Modem
Dlink DI-634 wireless router
Vonage Voip box connected via cat 5 to the Dlink router
HP laptop w/ Dlink DWL-G650M wireless card(
Desktop1- 4200x2/2gig w/ on board Nforce4 nic via cat5(
Desktop2- 3800/2gig w/ on board Nforce4 nic via cat5(

Ok I have everything setup and each pc has a static IP i dont use dhcp. Everything was working perfectly until a week or two ago when I did a clean install of XP pro on Desktop1. Everything is still working except I cant send a file from Desktop1 to the Laptop, but if I do it the opposite from laptop to desktop1 it works fine. But the laptop wont even show up on Desktop1 network list and when I try to add the laptop folders it say it cannot be contacted. Everything else works fine. Any ideas what would cause this?? I have a feeling its a firewall problem but I cant figure it out. I have Zone Alarm pro on the Desktop and Comodo Firewall on the Laptop.
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  1. Have you opened up the other computers IPs on both firewalls?
    windows firewall turned off?
    Same workgroup on reimaged pc as others?
  2. your firewall could be the one not allowing to share the files and also you may take note if boths pc's file and printer sharing to be enabled. :wink:
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