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Okay i have a problem with my computer, whenever i try too boot instead of that loading screen (with that 'loading' bar) it is just a blank screen. It will not change form this screen no matter how long it takes.

After a repair (vista cd couldn't find the problem) and trying to restore to a pervious restore point (which failed 2) it still wouldn't boot. just the black screen. So i opened the case and noticed that the HDD was kinda clicking. best i can describe it is when you turn off the computer it is the sound of teh read/write heads going into the safe position. But this would just keep on repeating, sit there and do nothing.

So then i tried to boot into safe mode, which surprise worked, after about 3 mins. just wondering if any of you guys had a soultion.

The HDD is getting fairly old (it is an old PATA) so if i can't fix it i'll gust make sure i store nothing on that drive, so i can install vista on another hdd.

thanks in advance
Edit: also posted int teh HDD section.
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    Your drive is bad. Literally, it only has a few more boots left on it. Get a new drive and replace this one as soon as you can. If you have files you want to recover, you can boot into Safe Mode and copy it over to the new drive or just slave the old drive, but don't place any optimism on the old drive getting better.
  2. Okay, thought sumthing like that was up, so i have installed vista on one of my newer drives (SATA, woot).
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