Done with computer parts on Ebay

I won and payed for an auction for an SSD earlier this week. Seller has never responded to any of my emails. My paypal went through immediately but I noticed the same item is on sale with a buy it now price. Anything I can do, I reported the second item I saw. Its been a total of 3 days since the frusterating.
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  1. Sometimes sellers have multiple items and they put it on bids one item at a time.

    Hope you get your item (or refund) soon.
  2. Yeh I got it the same day somehow. Took a while to figure out what was going on. Last few times I have been on ebay I was almost scammed a few times so I lost trust.
  3. you do realize that the reason why people buy on ebay or amazon is the buyer guarantee right? worst come to worst you could always have ebay big-brother them into the right course of action.

    that said, read the auctions carefully and it might not be a bad idea to print screen. it is also not a bad idea to check seller feedback ratings.

    keep in mind that the seller has a maximum time allowed before they contact you about the item. this is part of the rules on ebay. the only exception is if they state it on the description such as "will be away for 2 weeks, will ship when back". especially on weekends some sellers (often personal sales) are as active. as i said earlier, if contact fails with the seller then contact ebay, do not just use the "report button" !
  4. Yeh its not so much as getting a good price anymore. Seems like you could buy the same items on Amazon or other sites for a similar price. I've always contacted Ebay and they have been good about it. Only time I was not happy was when trying to sell a nearly new macbook pro and the people who ended up winning were fakes so I had to wait a week about 2 times to relist.
  5. realize that quite a few of the products sold on amazon are not provided by amazon. its like ebay with just a buy it now function.
  6. Its been a total of 3 days since the frusterating.
  7. Maillard965 said: been a total of 3 days since the frusterating.

    3 business days is really not a long time. Things will work out fine. These are private parties that you are dealing with.
  8. agreed. 3 days of waiting is not a long time in the big scheme of things.

    private party sales also might take longer than sales from established e-businesses as well.

    everyone is always in such a hurry...
  9. Used items on ebay have more credebility than AMazon. Amazon lists a generic description a lot of times if it is not sold by a person, but a warehouse or something. And as for waiting 3 days, it shouldn't take three days to ship if the seller says they will ship within 1-2 business days, which I guess 3 is ok anyway.
  10. agreed.

    i have bought used from amazon before and while the dvds played they arrived in less than optimal condition. they were taped to pieces of cardboard and shipped without a case!

    product descriptions are written individually on ebay it seems. not all of them are detailed but at least you know what you are getting. ebay also lists pictures of the individual items. amazon has a more generic description for most items so you must know what you are buying. i mainly just buy dvd import movies from amazon so i know what i am buying but for other things, especially computer parts i would tend to agree that ebay is a better choice.

    if they said 1-2 days it should be 1-2 days. however, exceptions do occur. they should have notified you somehow though about the shipping.
  11. Yeh some people just are busy I guess or do not follow up with the Ebay ques.
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