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Airlink+AR325W Keeps Losing Connection on Reboot

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May 15, 2007 4:34:04 PM

Problem: After setting up and configuring my wireless router and one PC, I can connect to the Internet, but then I reboot the PC and no connection. I have to do a Command/ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew, check my connection, I can get to the Internet and am connected, I reboot again and then no connection. I just cannot get the PC to 'hold' the settings after rebooting. Any ideas?

I'm wondering if it is because it is an older PC running Win 2000. I notice on the icons in the Windows tray, that it shows the symbols for the old wired connection as well as the signal strength and symbol for the wireless network. Is there something I should do to remove settings for the old wired network?

PC: Windows 2000
P2, 500 MHz; 384MB RAM;

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May 3, 2009 3:45:52 PM

I'm assuming a wired connection.

I've managed to connect my Win98 machine to the router without a problem. The real challenge is getting your internal network (the router & PC) to talk to the internet, and I did so with a number of hours of research.

First, I've had to set the network connection on the PC to automatically grab the IP numbers and DNS servers from a source other than the PC itself. Make sure that the "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" radio buttons are on.

Second, make sure that AR325W is set to act as a DHCP server. The link is under "Basic Settings." Under the "DHCP server" link, enable the server, and give the router a range of addresses to assign to your PC.

Thirdly (this is the most important part), you MUST set the modem that ultimately connects you to the internet (you don't mention what it is) to "bridge mode" so traffic can pass freely to and from your router. In the "recent past" (three years ago), many mega-ISPs simply provided no guidance because that didn't want customers to run more than one PC off a high-speed, broadband modem. Things are a bit freer now because many households own more than one PC and wireless networking is ubiquitous. If you can't find the information on the 'Net (I was able to do it), your ISP may be able to help you (at additional cost, maybe. Ask for details). Once I set everything properly, I've had no reason to change anything.

3.a: I hope you have a good firewall/spyware/virus crusher that runs on your platform AND a good ISP that will block certain ports from being accessed. Many software protection suites end their support for older Microsoft OSes at the same time Microsoft quits support entirely. The only software vendor that appears to buck the policy is Alwil Software, makers of the "avast!" protection suite. However, I think that the company ends its support of Win98 soon.

Assuming you're around to read this, how is the PC connected to the router? Wireless connections involve a little more work. What type of router do you have?