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I have a single core Venice 939 3200 in an ABIT AN8 SLI with 2x1GB G.Skill memory. Does it make more sense to upgrade to a C2D or would I be served better by just getting one of the X2 chips from AMD ? I can't spend much on this, thus leaning towards upgrading the CPU only. Newegg has the X2 3800 OEM Toledo (939) for $89, this would seem to fit the bill. Questions on that come up as to whether I could use the stock AMD cooler that came with my 3200, and whether I would have to do any overclocking to realize the potential here. My board does not seem to overclock well, at least when I only tried to OC current CPU to 2200Mhz, I kept having funky problems. C2D would be better but the money would have to be quite more too, as I'd have to replace mobo, cpu and memory. Or should I go for one of those AsRock mobos supporting DDR 400 ? I guess I'm confused on how to spend my money best, knowing it's not much I've got for an upgrade here...
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  1. TDP on the Toledo is 110W, and only 67W for the Venice, so I'd think you'd probably need a new heatsink as well.

    I wouldn't try for one of the Asrock boards. I know you'll be able to re-use your RAM, but you're going to be stuck having to make this same decision in another 6 months, and you'll have a motherboard and RAM you can't re-use.

    Dropping in the X2 is the better option here, as it's cheaper and easier.

    Personally, I'd try to be happy with what you have now, and save that cash for a replacement. You may be able to get some extra money by eBaying your old parts, too.
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