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I just finished installing XP on my brand new computer, installed the graphics drivers and wireless drivers, everything is working top notch. But then I installed all the drivers for my motherboard, Intel Inf driver and sound and Lan. After a few reboots for those drivers everything started to go wrong. First, after XP loaded to the desktop, it takes forever to load the apps n the notification area (the icons next to the clock) And now my 54 MBs wireless never connects higher then 11mbs. Overall everything has slowed WAY down. Does anyone have any troubleshooting ideas?

System Specs:

Core2Duo 2.4
Asus P5B Deluxe Motherboard
8800GTX 768mb
2gb DDR800 RAM
250gb Hitachi HDD
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  1. Generally you should install the mobo first then the others. I'd uninstall video , LAN, and the mobo drivers then reinstall the mobo drivers off the CD, do the mobo updates, then install the other drivers.
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