The HARDEST part of getting a new Graphics System

OK, Thanks to Ricardois and the rest of the community for helping me determine which GPU to purchase for my XPS 8300 (GeForce GTX 550 TI) and which monitor to buy (the Asus VG278H) to achieve the best 3D gaming without messing with my PSU, but now comes the real trouble:

How do I explain to my wife that I want to spend $750 on upgrading my computer? :whistle: :sweat:
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  1. Tell her you got a rebate from the hooker you hired for 1,000 so have 750 free.
  2. ^+1
    My wife always loves it when I let her know a hooker's offering rebates! That's how I bought my jet ski!

    In all seriousness--I have my own personal account that 20% of my paycheck goes into (80% for home). So my wife could care less what I spend my personal money on.

    EDIT: OP, did you say you intend to do 3D gaming with a GTX 550Ti? That's a weak graphics card. In 3D, most new games will be unplayable. You'll certainly have issues with Skyrim and Mass Effect 3.
  3. OP, Ricardois said that a GTX 550Ti was a bad and probably inadequate choice for 3D gaming, if you look at your thread you linked. You should upgrade your PSU for 3D gaming.

    In your other thread, you were concerned about 1080p being inadequate resolution. That's the same thing the 3D Monitors use. The issue with most 3D TVs is that they're only capable of 3D 1080p at 24fps, which is an unplayable gaming framerate. You'd have to play games at 720p (60fps) to be enjoyable in 3D. As far as I know, only some Samsungs provide solid 1080p 3D by using a "checkerboard" effect.

    It sounds to me like you're about to jump an expensive and non-functioning 3D bandwagon without doing proper research. Slow down a bit and give it another week's planning because you've got major holes in your plan.

    Your 3D Gaming experience will be exponentially better with the $230 22" 3D Viewsonic and a GTX 560Ti than with your current plan. But you almost certainly should just wait for Kepler to drop. If you want 3D, you need the best hardware you can get. That means give it 'til the end of the month to see the new hardware release by NVidia.
  4. I'm closing this tab in my browser due to no response. OP, PM me if you come back.
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